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At Exclusive Detail, we are focused on a quality Auto Detailing and Window Tinting with customer service that is second to none for our industry in the Charlotte market. We continually monitor our customers satisfaction and our work, enabling us to maintain our position as the number one car cleaning and tint shop in the Charlotte area. Simply put, we choose to and work hard to be better than our competition.

Our Model

  1. Create a professional shop that is equipped to provide Auto Detailing and Tinting Service to the best of models.
  2. Use our Automotive Passion and Skills to Serve the Most Demanding Clients.
  3. Provide a Superior Service Utilizing Premium products.
  4. Show off our Work to attract New Clients.

Get your car cleaned, paint protected, chips and scratches fixed.

Whether you have a Toyota or a Lamborghini, Ford or Ferrari we will clean, detail, and tint it. We enjoy working  with individuals who appreciate the value of a job well done and have the ability to compare a quality service with one that is sub-par. Our ideal client does not wait until their car has been thrashed to have it detailed but seek to have their car washed frequently and professionally detailed once or twice a year. Our Clients are also informed as to the value of adding a premium window film to their car, hence our choice to carryLlumarwindow tint, the worlds leading window film. 

In the end our auto detailing and tinting service exists to help you preserve the value of your car by keeping it looking like new, allowing you to enjoy it more for longer.

So make that appointment and come on in; see why our auto detailing/tint shop has been rated the best auto detailer in Charlotte NC.