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Paint Protection Film - Full Wrap - Side Door - A-Frame - Rear Bumper - Tesla - Exclusive Detail Charlotte NC

Where Should I Apply Paint Protection Film? 6 Reasons to Get a Full Wrap

The majority of vehicles equipped with Paint Protection Film are only protected in certain areas: The front bumper, hood, fenders, rocker panels, etc. These areas are particularly prone to rock chips and damage from other road debris, making them obvious candidates for added protection. However, some vehicle owners want peace of mind not only about […]

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A 1940 Chevrolet Deluxe during paint correction.

Can This Paint Live Again? Rejuvenating a 1940 Chevrolet Deluxe

A lot happened in 1940: The first McDonald’s hamburger stand opened in Pasadena, CA; Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” hit the box offices; the Battle of Britain marked Hitler’s first defeat in World War II; Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected for his third term as President of the United States; and, of course,Chevrolet announced a completely […]

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