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Opti-Coat Pro on Jaguar F-Type

Because New Cars Should Look New, and Stay Looking New

You’re probably excited about what your car will look like when it rolls off the dealer’s lot. It should be clear, glossy, flawless. In reality, that is unlikely; at least the flawless part. While your brand new car may be clean and free from dirt or grime, the paint has likely already taken a beating during […]

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Tesla Model X: Improving on Perfection

Last week we had the privilege of caring for a brand new Tesla Model X. Here are the phases of work we did on this vehicle to ensure a stunning appearance and stalwart protection. Decontaminate Our decontamination phase included three steps. First, we sprayed the exterior with Optimum FerreX , a solution that dissolves ferrous […]

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2014 BMW 650i Window Tint | Opti-Coat Pro | Xpel Ultimate

Tim has been a loyal customer of ours over the years and today he introduced us to his new 2014 BMW 650i convertible. This is his second 650i convertible, the first one being of the previous generation. Tim brought in his Orient Blue E64* for detailing ever so often and found out from liking our […]

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Keeping Your Vehicle Looking Like New | The Role of Routine Maintenance

Every two weeks we have the joy of keeping this Portfolio edition Jaguar XJ L beautiful. It’s always in good form thanks to it’s bi-weekly cleaning. Having your car washed and waxed at regular intervals saves you from having to spend money on extensive detailing at a later time. Black cars and red cars specifically should be […]

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Antique VW Karmann Ghia Detailed

In the early 1950s, Volkswagen was focused on producing its economy car, the Type 1 (Beetle). But with an increase in post-war standards of living, executives at Volkswagen proposed adding a halo car to their model range. They contacted German coachbuilder Karmann and Italian design firm Ghia and soon the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia was born. […]

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Restoring the Shine of a Classic Porsche

It is a great honor and pleasure to be the owner of a beautiful, classic vehicle. However, your joy in ownership is significantly diminished when the exterior of your classic car is in lackluster condition. This 1974 Porsche 911S came to us in great form for its age, but its Bali blue paint was starting to dim. Through […]

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Full Detail and Tint on a Brand New Tesla Model S

We had the pleasure of performing a full detail on a brand new Tesla Model S, a fully electric four-door sedan and the first of its kind in Charlotte. There is great value not often considered in detailing a new car. Detailing a car when it’s new can help it to stay looking new for […]

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Detailing Fleet, Commercial, and Work Vehicles

Our auto detailing service is available to all fleet, commercial, work vehicles. As fleet vehicles typically will not get the attention that individual owners give to their cars, they frequently require interior detailing prior to being assigned to another employee. Oftentimes vehicles are transferred from one employee who is a smoker to one who is a non-smoker […]

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Ford E250 Complete Detail and Window Tinting

This Ford E250 came into our auto detailing shop yesterday for a complete detail job and window tinting. The exterior was washed by hand and further polished with a random orbital polisher to enhance its gloss. The paint was treated with a detergent resistant wax for long term durability. The windows were tinted to North Carolina’s legal limit. […]

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