Detail Options

Our detailing services are focused on enhancing and protecting new or new-to-you vehicles. If that does not describe your car, we may not be the best shop for you. But if you just purchased a vehicle and want to keep it looking like-new, our detailing services are the perfect place to begin.

Given that the specific detailing needs of each vehicle vary based on a complex set of factors, all of our detailing services require a physical inspection of the vehicle before we can give a price estimate.

Vehicle inspection required

Paint decontamination and correction

Application of Ceramic Coating (such as Opti-Coat, CQuartz, or Gtechniq)

Ask about seven, five, and two year protections

Vehicle inspection required

Clean wheels

Paint decontamination

Multi-stage machine polish

Ideal for new or new-to-you cars, or vehicles that are regularly maintained and need luster restored to the paint

Vehicle inspection required

Convertible top treatment

Headlight restoration

Wheel sealant

Hard water spot removal

Overspray removal

Sap removal

Paintless dent repair

Wet sanding


Prices vary based on size and type of vehicle.
Please contact us for more information.