How Many Rocks Will Hit Your Car Today? Why Paint Protection Film Is Worth It

Presumably, you will get in your car today and drive a few miles, whether that is on your way into work, or to visit family or friends. As you drive down the road this week, how many rocks do you think will strike your vehicle? If you are thinking, “Maybe four or five,” then you are wildly underestimating, and the images below are proof.

Two months ago one of our customers brought his beautiful, brand new Jaguar F-Pace to us. We applied Paint Protection Film to the front bumper and the hood, and covered all painted surfaces with a Ceramic Coating. The vehicle looked stunning, as you can see above.

This past week, the customer came by our shop and we had a chance to look closely at the now two-month old vehicle, and what we found was striking. The Paint Protection Film had done an excellent job preserving the painted surfaces of the vehicle, and the work it had to do became evident when we inspected unprotected parts of the vehicle.

The first image is a close-up of the vehicle’s chrome grill. Though it is possible to put Paint Protection Film on chrome, the customer had opted not to go this route. When standing a few feet away, no abrasions were visible. But when we got close, we noticed that the chrome had already suffered a number of rock chips.

The second image is of the plastic guard underneath the front bumper. Once again, though we could not see imperfections from a few feet away, a close inspection revealed that this piece was already peppered with rock chips.

Though a multitude of rock chips were present in the chrome and plastic, we could not find any on the painted surfaces protected by Paint Protection Film. Here’s what’s important: The images above show just how much work the Paint Protection Film actually accomplished. It is evident from these images that, over the first two months of its life, hundreds of small rocks struck the front of the vehicle. But since Paint Protection Film had been applied, no unsightly and permanent damage was done to the paint, preserving its showroom shine. Was Paint Protection Film worth it for this vehicle? The evidence would strongly suggests it was.

If you recently purchased a new or new-to-you vehicle, I’m guessing you have a concern for keeping that fine automobile looking like it does right now. One important aspect of preserving the like-new condition of your car is to apply Paint Protection Film to as much of the vehicle as you can. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, gives a call at 704-525-5225.

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