Is Paint Protection Film Right for My Vehicle? What Owners of a Dodge Ram 1500 and a Lexus ES300 Have in Common

“The Ram 1500; built to take on nature, from the lineup of America’s longest lasting pickups,” says the narrator from a recent Dodge commercial. The 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Longhorn Laramie is a serious truck. It boasts a 5.7L Hemi V8 engine with 395 horsepower and 410 lb-ft torque, not to mention a max payload of 1,900 lbs and the ability to tow over four tons.

The Lexus ES300 is, you might say, a different sort of vehicle. “It’s not just a car,” says the narrator in a 2017 Lexus ES commercial, “It’s your daily retreat. Innovative technology, refined styling. Go ahead, spoil yourself.”

You might think that the owners of these two vehicles would not have much in common. And on one level, you’d probably be correct. Nonetheless, the owners of both a Dodge pick-up truck and a Lexus luxury sedan do have at least one significant unifying concern.

You see, both vehicles have a beautiful exterior that is difficult to maintain, and both vehicles are susceptible to chips and scratches from rocks and road debris. Thus, the owners of both vehicles will have to figure out how to preserve their respective paint finishes.

Despite the dissimilarities in these two vehicles, the best answer for both owners is the same: Install premium Paint Protection Film.

And as it turns out, the owners of both a Dodge Ram 1500 and a Lexus ES300 recently brought their vehicles to Exclusive Detail for that very reason, and both left with peace-of-mind knowing that they will be protected from chips and scratches for years to come.

Dodge Ram 1500 Longhorn Laramie

The owner of the Ram 1500 had previously brought two vehicles to us. One of the vehicles was a Mini Cooper, which we equipped with window tint and Paint Protection Film. When he found himself in need of a pick-up truck, he traded in the Mini Cooper for this Ram 1500. Pain Protection Film had helped maintain the trade-in value of his Mini, so he wanted to make sure his Ram 1500 had the same protection. 

Before applying Paint Protection Film, we first gave the vehicle a thorough wash. To remove contaminants from the wheels we sprayed an acid free, pH-neutral wheel cleaner. The solution is green when initially sprayed, but turns purple as it dissolves iron particles and metal filings that have bonded to the wheels.

After thoroughly washing and decontaminating the vehicle, we wrapped the bumper, part of the hood, and the fenders with Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film.

We also applied LLumar window tint on all four doors, the windshield, and the rear window.

Lexus ES300

While working on the Ram 1500, we were also busy enhancing and protecting the exterior of a brand new Lexus ES300. The owner of this was a first-time customer for us, but he was not a first time buyer of Paint Protection Film. When he purchased his previous vehicle he made the decision to apply Paint Protection Film. After owning that vehicle for nine years and witnessing first hand the benefits of having a sturdy film protecting the exterior, he decided to have his new Lexus ES300 wrapped as well.

We started, as always, with a thorough wash and decontamination. After preparing the paint, we applied Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film on the front bumper, part of the hood, the fenders, and the headlights.

Whether you are purchasing your vehicle in order to “take on nature” or “spoil yourself,” the road will present the same dangers to your new ride. Give yourself peace of mind by protecting you new or new-to-you vehicle with Paint Protection Film. By doing so you will guard your vehicle’s exterior from the dangers of the road, helping to maintain a showroom finish for years to come. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, give us a call at 704-525-5225.

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