The Best Protection You’ll Never See: Tesla Model S Gets a Full Wrap of Clear Bra in Charlotte, NC

What will damage your car today? A bump from a careless driver in the parking lot? Acid from a splattered bug or bird dropping? A rock kicked up by the semi truck in front of you? Any number of environmental hazards can quickly cause permanent damage to the glossy finish of your new vehicle. How will you stop it? The toughest, longest-lasting, most comprehensive option: Paint Protection Film (sometimes called Clear Bra or Clear Shield).

In a recent post we outlined why car owners decide to get a full wrap; that is, Paint Protection Film applied to all of a car’s exterior painted surfaces, as opposed to only wrapping high risk areas like the hood, front bumper, and rocker panels.

Today we’ll share about a full wrap we recently performed on a brand new Tesla Model S.


Total Protection: Full Wrap of Clear Shield on a Brand New Tesla Model S

Any application of Paint Protection Film requires a thorough decontamination process before an inch of film is applied. So we started this project with a complete wash, polish, and claying to remove all imperfections in the paint. Once film is applied, the paint beneath the film is sealed away for years to come, so it is vital that the paint is in pristine condition before application.

After decontaminating the paint, we covered all exterior painted surfaces with LLumar’s newly announced Platinum Paint Protection Film. This particular film comes with a 10 year warranty from LLumar. It is also equipped with LLumar’s Hydrogard technology, which gives it the ability to shed water off its surfaces.


An Invisible Finish: Wrapping the Edges of Paint Protection Film

Sometimes individuals hesitate applying Paint Protection Film because they fear being able to see small lines along the film’s edges. We alleviate that fear by wrapping the edges of the film whenever possible underneath the panel to which the film is being applied. The image below displays the wrapped edges along the hood of the vehicle. When the film’s edges are wrapped, there is no remaining indicator that the panel has been covered by Paint Protection Film.

End Result: Driving Away with Peace of Mind

Now that this Tesla Model S is fully wrapped in a premium Paint Protection Film, the owner can drive his beautiful vehicle with an unmatched peace of mind, knowing that every exterior painted surface is protected from a host of threats: rock chips, bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap, swirl marks, oxidation, acid rain, and more. This vehicle will continue looking like-new for years to come.

If you are picking up your Tesla at the Tesla store in Charlotte, NC, give us a call. We would be thrilled by the opportunity to equip your vehicle with the stalwart defense that comes from a premium Paint Protection Film. You can even choose to have your vehicle delivered on a flatbed from the dealership to our shop, ensuring that protection is applied before the elements of the road have a chance to mar your vehicle’s exterior. Call us at 704-525-5225.



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