Where Should I Apply Paint Protection Film? Four Reasons to Protect Your Headlights with Clear Bra

So you are considering applying Paint Protection Film to your vehicle. That is great! You are about to do your car a big favor by providing its exterior with unmatched protection against all kinds of environmental hazards. We love protecting beautiful, deep, clear, glossy paint.

But the painted panels of your car are not the only parts that can benefit from a premium protective film. What about your headlights? Is it worth putting a protective film on your headlights? We think so. And here are four reasons why:

Your Headlights are Susceptible to Rock Chips

Your headlights, of course, are at the very front of your car. That means that as you drive down the highway, they, along with your hood and front bumper, will be struck by more than their fare share of rocks. A multitude of rock chips in your headlights can both inhibit their performance and mar their appearance. A protective film will keep your headlights free from rock chips.

Your Headlights are Susceptible to UV Damage

While all parts of your vehicle’s exterior can be damaged by the sun, the poly-carbonate of your headlights is particularly prone to UV damage. The result is what you see on every other car as you walk through a parking lot: Hazy headlights. A protective film will guard your headlights from UV damage.

You Rely on the Performance of Your Headlights

Why is it important to protect your headlights from rock chips or UV damage? It is important first because you rely on the performance of your headlights. After dark, your headlights perhaps the most important safety feature of your vehicle, meaning that a safe driver will not be passive about keeping headlights in good condition.

Your Headlights are an Important Part of Your Car’s Style

Your vehicle’s safety is not the only thing at stake in the upkeep of your headlights, your vehicle’s style is also at risk. Being a prominent feature at the very front of your fine automobile, your headlights are central to the look of your car. Most classic car brands can be identified simply by their headlights. That means if you care about the style of your vehicle, you should invest in protecting your headlights from unsightly damage. What’s a high-powered engine and glossy paint if your car looks like its suffering from serious morning grogginess on account of its hazy headlights?

Will a Film Trap Heat or Diminish Light Output?

Two main questions may be on your mind as you consider the benefits of apply a protective film to your headlights. First, will the film cause any damage by trapping heat radiated from the headlights? Second, will the film have any affect on light output? The answer to both questions lies in the film you choose, and that’s why it’s important to discuss your decisions with an experienced installer. The quality films we use, like XPEL’s Headlight Protection Kits, are designed to let heat and light through the film in order to avoid heat damage and decreased visibility.

Conclusion: Protect Your Headlights with a Premium Clear Bra

In the end, if you equip your headlights with a premium prtective film, you will add value to your vehicle. An important part of your car will be more resilient to the hazards of the road. If you are considering applying Clear Bra to your headlights, or any part of your fine automobile, give us at 704-525-5225.

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