Paint Protection

Protect Your Paint.

Paint protection film, or “clear bra,” is the best way to preserve the integrity of your automobile’s exterior. Clear bra is a urethane film that is applied and becomes a hard protective layer after curing for several days. It can prevent everyday scratches and nicks to your paint, and even mend itself from swirl marks and light scratches. Clear bra requires meticulous application (the pre-cut pattern must be molded to fit every curve of your vehicle) and can only be installed by trained professionals. Even different brands of film require different application techniques. At Exclusive Detail, we are factory-trained and certified in the brands we offer our clients, which includes: XPEL ULTIMATE™, LLumar®, 3M™ Scotchgard, and SunTek® paint protection films.

Where can I put Paint Protection Film (clear bra) on my vehicle?

expel-clear-bra-partial Being the lowest painted frontal surface on your car, the front bumper should always be covered for maximum protection
expel-clear-bra-full-front This standard coverage package provides protection in the most vulnerable frontal impact zone.
expel-clear-bra-full-wrap Covering your entire vehicle provides the maximum amount of protection.
expel-clear-bra-rocker-panel Unprotected Rocker Panels are susceptible to damage from rocks kicked up by the front wheels.
expel-clear-bra-rear-wheel-arch-guard Unprotected Rear Wheel Arches are susceptible to damage from rocks kicked up by the rear wheels.