Who is Exclusive Detail?

Premium Automotive Paint Protection
in Charlotte, NC

We’re focused on providing superior Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating services to remove the anxiety and guesswork of keeping your new or new-to-you vehicle looking like-new for years to come.

Paint Protection Film from Exclusive Detail

Porsche and Aston Martin | XPEL Paint Protection Film

Expert Installation

At Exclusive Detail, we are devoted to quality above all else. That’s why we are factory trained and certified by all major film manufacturers.

Porsche and Aston Martin | XPEL Paint Protection Film

Unmatched Protection

Paint Protection Film film stops rock chips, swirl marks, chemical etching, oxidation, and more. It is the best defense you can add to your paint.

Tesla Model X | XPEL Paint Protection Film

Invisible Finish

Paint Protection Film is invisible to the naked eye, and will not inhibit the gloss of your car’s paint. It is the best protection you’ll never see.

Ceramic Coating from Exclusive Detail

Dodge Viper Polish

Starting with Perfect Paint

We know how to get automotive paint in pristine condition, and that’s exactly what we do before adding any protection.

Mercedes | Ceramic Coating

Keep Car Cleaner, Longer

A Ceramic Coating creates a hydrophobic surface on a vehicle’s factory paint, which keeps it cleaner for longer and makes it easier to wash.

Mercedes AMG GT-S | Ceramic Coating

Never Wax Again

As opposed to a traditional wax, a Ceramic Coating does not require repeated application, providing protection for up to seven years.

You Don’t Come to Us Accidentally.

There are plenty of people who think a car is just a way to get from one place to another. Our customers are not those people. If you’ve purchased a fine or classic automobile, it’s because you love it, and you obviously want to keep it as pristine as possible for as long as possible. That’s why you bring it to us.

At Exclusive Detail, we offer our customers the best-in-class solutions they need to help protect and preserve their automobiles. There’s no bait and switch. There’s no “See you next month for another temporary treatment.” There are just significant, long-term solutions. We treat every car in our facility like a prized possession. Why? Because to our customers, that’s exactly what their car is.

Drive Away Happy.

We’re committed to giving your car the time, attention, and service it deserves. With premium products like XPEL ULTIMATE™ paint protection film and Opti-Coat ceramic coating, you can count on Exclusive Detail to care for your car just as you would. Come see us – and start protecting your car, and your investment, today.