Paint Protection Film on the Lamborghini Huracán Performante: Protecting Lamborghini’s Self Reinvention

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When you think Lamborghini, what comes to your mind. Maybe that loud, deep engine; or the sharp, distinguished looks. But there’s another side to the reputation of the Italian supercars. As one recent article from Road and Track puts it, “Lamborghinis nearly became as famous for their lack of drivability as they did for their outré looks and raucous engines.” Or as a customer of ours recently joked, “What’s the only thing a Lamborghini can’t pass? A repair shop.” Luckily there are plenty of repair shops, like the Dallas Body Shop, that specialise in supercars like these. Specialist knowledge is what you need as your Lambo may have been a looker, but it might have also been a lumberer with finicky engineering.

The Winds of Change: Lamborghini’s Huracán Performante and ALA

That is resolutely no longer the case at Lamborghini. As Jason Harper from Road and Track goes on to describe, ever since Audi bought Lamborghini in 1998, the manufacturer has payed as much attention to engineering as it always did to design. Lamborghini now produces supercars with performance and innovation that match its style.

This is most acutely the case in the new Huracán Performante, a high-performance version of the standard Huracán.

“High-performance” in this context does not just mean a bit more horsepower or some new brakes. As Lamborghini R&D head Maurizio Reggiani puts it, the Performante is “a 360-degree approach to performance” (Car and Driver). Perhaps the most intriguing part is the Performante’s aerodynamics package: Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva, or ALA (“wing” in Italian). The system is made up of a front splitter and rear wing that both have a series of flaps that open or close depending on the situation. When a driver wants acceleration and high top speed, the flaps open and direct air to reduce drag. When a driver slams on his breaks or rounds a corner, the flaps close and redirect air to increase downforce.

Power, Performance, and Protection: Huracán Performantes at Exclusive Detail

At Exclusive Detail, we’ve had the pleasure of serving two 2018 Lamborghini Huracán Performantes in the last couple weeks. The power is evident every time you turn the ignition and hear that engine hum. Owners attest to the marvelous performance and the impact of ALA. And of course, all this is wrapped in that distinctive Lamborghini style, the unmistakable look of Italian supercar legend.

With a car like that, our customers decided they would not compromise on paint protection. When you hit the accelerator and ALA engages, enabling you and your Performante to slip through the air and hit 60 mph in 2.4 seconds, you don’t want to be worrying about a stray rock striking the hood and creating an unsightly chip.

That’s why these two Hurácan Performante owners opted to wrap their entire vehicles in Premium Automotive Paint Protection Film.

Since Lamborghini reinvented itself, a Lamborghini is no longer a supercar with high style but low performance. And it shouldn’t be a supercar with high style but no paint protection.

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And if you’re in the Charlotte, NC area, schedule an appointment with us today. We’d love to partner with you for the good of your car.

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