If you just purchased a high-end or luxury vehicle, chances are you care about how it looks. You love the shine, the gloss, the clarity of the paint. Unfortunately, nature and the road don’t play nice when it comes to automotive paint. Before you know it, your car will be peppered with rock chips or stained from bird droppings and bug splatter.

What’s a conscientious car-owner to do? Apply automotive Paint Protection Film.

When you apply a premium Paint Protection Film (otherwise known as Clear Bra), you give your car a comprehensive form of defense against a host of hazards; from rocks to bugs, acid rain, tree sap, careless parking-lot drivers, and beyond.

And if you live in Myers Park or one of Charlotte’s surrounding neighborhoods, you have a leading, premium Paint Protection Film installation facility right around the corner at Exclusive Detail.

What is Paint Protection Film and What Does it Do?

Automotive Paint Protection Film is a clear, urethane material that is wrapped around a vehicle’s exterior to protect and preserve its factory paint. You can learn more about Paint Protection Film for cars by reading our Formal Introduction to Paint Protection Film, in which we discuss not only the capabilities of Paint Protection Film, but its history and the details of its technology.

The tree canopy in Myers Park presents dangers to automotive paint

What Benefit Does Paint Protection Film Have for Myers Park Car Owners

Here at Exclusive Detail, we have served many individuals from the Myers Park neighborhood. Here are some benefits of Paint Protection Film that are specific to the concerns of Myers Park car owners.

A shield against hazards from tree canopy

One of the beautiful things about Myers park is the tree canopy. According to the Charlotte Observer, Myers Park has 6,270 trees in its 597 acres. Many of the trees in Myers Park are hundred-year-old Willow Oaks. The tree canopy makes for a beautiful drive along Queens Road or Selwyn Ave.

But unfortunately, there’s a downside of dense tree canopies when it comes to automotive paint. First, tree sap that falls on a car can etch into the clear coat, staining and damaging factory paint. Second, objects that fall from trees (whether twigs, acorns, or sweet gum balls) can land on your car and scratch its paint. If they don’t hit a tree on the way down, they then sit in the road and have the potential to get kicked up by the car in front of you and strike your car’s paint. Paint Protection Film provides a layer of protection from these kinds of environmental hazards.

Protection while vehicles are parked on the street

If you live in Myers Park, you may have to park a vehicle on the street at times. Street parking increases the chance of your car being bumped and scratched. Additionally, it gives more opportunities for environmental hazards to damage the vehicle’s paint. A layer of Paint Protection Film will make your car more resilient to damage while it is parked on the street.

Learn more about the benefits of Paint Protection Film.

Where can I apply Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is often applied to the most vulnerable parts of a vehicle, including the front bumper, front hood, rocker panels, and rear wheel arch. These areas are most susceptible to rock chips. However, Paint Protection Film can be applied to any exterior painted surface. If you live in Myers Park, you may want to have Paint Protection Film applied to the roof of your vehicle to protect against hazards from the tree canopy. Many car owners opt to wrap all exterior surfaces in Paint Protection Film to provide comprehensive protection. In fact, here are 6 reasons car owner’s choose to get a full wrap of Paint Protection Film. You can learn more about Clear Bra kits by visiting our Paint Protection Film Options page.

How do I Get to Exclusive Detail from Myers Park?

At Exclusive Detail, we are leading Paint Protection Film experts and installers for Charlotte and the surrounding area. Additionally, we are just around the corner for Myers Park residents. When coming from Myers Park, head west on Runnymede Ln. Runnymede turns into Woodlawn at Selwyn Ave. Continue on Woodlawn Rd for 2.4 miles until you get to Chastain Ave. Turn left at Chastain. We are located at 4913 Chastain Ave, Suite #32.

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