Paint Protection Film Stops Rock Chips | Mercedes AMG GT-S Equipped with Clear Bra

Have you ever had a fast car that was eaten up by rock chips? The horsepower and torque can make for fun driving, but all that power can end up taking a toll on your car’s appearance, especially on the hood and front bumper.

Unless, of course, you choose to apply Paint Protection Film. The clear, polyurethane covering creates a barrier between your car and whatever can damage its appearance. Small chips and scratches are absorbed by the film, keeping the original factory paint blemish-free.

We recently had the pleasure of protecting a 2016 Mercedes AMG GT-S. The owner chose to have Paint Protection Film applied to the full front of the vehicle, which includes bumper, hood, and fenders.

Now our customer can enjoy the power of his vehicle with peace of mind, knowing that it is protected from rock chips and scratches.

Want to learn more? Read our Formal Introduction to Paint Protection Film, where we outline the history and technology behind Clear Bra. If you want to learn more about the differences between different brands of Paint Protection Film, we review the leading manufacturers in a comparison article. Or learn more about what goes into a full protection job by following the journey of a Jaguar F-Type at our shop.

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