4 Reasons to Equip Your Car’s Interior with Advanced Coatings


“Inside the new Range Rover, occupants are cocooned within a tranquil haven.” So states a features and specs video from Land Rover, and based on our experience with the vehicle, that sounds about right. The interior of the vehicle is refined at every level, down to the last stitch.

With a cabin like that, owners don’t leave maintenance and care to chance. That’s why the owner of the above Range Rover had us equip its interior with advanced protective coatings.

Here are four reasons why that’s a good decision, and why you should consider interior coatings for your vehicle.

Range Rover with Interior Coating

1. Interior Coatings Defend Surfaces from Spills and Stains

A premium interior coating creates a hydrophobic barrier over the surface it protects. That means when liquid comes in contact with the surface, it beads and slides off rather than being absorbed.

2. Interior Coatings Protect from Abrasions

Often long-term damage in leather or fabric begins with small scratches, maybe caused by a button on a pants pocket. When a seat is being used frequently, some amount of wear is unavoidable. But the wearing process can be slowed if the surface is fortified. A premium coating makes surfaces more resistant to small scratches and abrasions.

3. Interior Coatings Block Harmful UV Rays

Another threat to your car’s interior is the sun. When UV rays strike your car’s upholstery, they have a fading effect. Premium coatings block UV rays, which keeps interior surfaces looking crisp and fresh.

Range Rover with Interior Coating

4. Interior Coatings Make Surfaces Easy to Clean

No preventative measures will make cleaning unnecessary. If you use your vehicle, you will have to do some kind of regular cleaning of the interior. But when surfaces are equipped with advanced coatings, they are much easier to clean. The hydrophobic barrier and low surface tension of a coating make it difficult for grime to bond, meaning that you can easily wipe away a mess. When it comes to cleaning your car interior, you want to tackle the job with the proper tools. You could use a Bissell handheld vacuum to get rid of those pesky things around your car that keep it from looking spotless. See the product here – https://www.bissell.com/vacuums/handheld-vacuums.

If you’re ready to equip your vehicle with advanced coatings for leather, fabric, vinyl, or plastic, schedule an appointment today.

Looking for a way to keep the exterior of your vehicle looking like-new? You may be interested in Paint Protection Film or an exterior Ceramic Coating.

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