Your car is a prized possession, and you want to know how to keep it looking shiny and sleek, like it just rolled off the showroom floor. If you’ve done some research, you know that automotive Paint Protection Film is the most stalwart form of defense you can give your car’s paint.

When you apply a premium Paint Protection Film (otherwise known as Clear Bra), you defend your car against a host of hazards; from rocks to bugs, acid rain, tree sap, careless parking-lot drivers, and more.

And if you live in SouthPark, Barclay Downs, or one of Charlotte’s surrounding neighborhoods, you have a leading, premium Paint Protection Film installation facility right around the corner at Exclusive Detail.

An Introduction to Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film for cars is a transparent, urethane covering that is applied to a vehicle’s exterior painted surfaces to protect and preserve its factory paint. You can learn more about automotive Paint Protection Film by reading our Formal Introduction to Paint Protection Film, in which we discuss not only the capabilities of Paint Protection Film, but its history and the details of its technology.

South Park, Charlotte NC

Why do SouthPark area residents choose Paint Protection Film?

Exclusive Detail has had the privilege to serve numerous car owners and automobile enthusiasts from the South Park area. Here are some reasons why SouthPark area residents choose Paint Protection Film:

Protection from tree hazards

One reason why SouthPark is such a beautiful place to live is that many of the lots are large and mature, with ample tree cover. Having tall, old trees may add beauty and tranquility to your lot, but it can be dangerous for your car’s paint. If tree sap falls on your car, it can etch into the clear coat and permanently stain the factory paint. Furthermore, with trees come birds, and with birds come bird droppings. Bird droppings are one of the most dangerous environmental hazards for a car’s paint because they are particularly acidic. A bird dropping can quickly etch into a car’s paint and cause permanent damage. Paint Protection Film provides a layer of protection from these kinds of environmental hazards.

Defense against parking lot scratches

SouthPark Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in North Carolina and is home to high-end shops such as Kate Spade, Burberry, Tiffany & Co, Hermès, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, and Louis Vuitton. When the mall opened in 1970, it had 92,000 visitors on the first day! To this day, it remains a centerpiece in Charlotte area shopping.

Of course, excellent shopping options create potential hazards for your vehicle. We have served a number of customers whose low-mileage luxury vehicles have been marred by small scratches inflicted by careless drivers in busy parking lots. To prevent parking lot scratches it is always a good idea to park your vehicle at the back of a parking lot, or in a place that will be far away from other vehicles. But another defense against parking lot scratches is Paint Protection Film. Note that even the best films cannot prevent all scratches, especially if a panel is hit hard enough to be dented or if the film is torn. In that case, the film will need to be removed and reapplied. However, a quality Paint Protection Film will prevent many small scratches that can occur from your vehicle being grazed or scuffed by another car.

Learn more about the benefits of Paint Protection Film.

Where does Paint Protection Film go on cars?

Paint Protection Film is often applied to the most vulnerable parts of a vehicle, including the front bumper, front hood, rocker panels, and rear wheel arch. These areas are most susceptible to rock chips. However, Paint Protection Film can be applied to any exterior painted surface. If you live in SouthPark, you may want to have Paint Protection Film applied to the roof of your vehicle to protect against hazards from the trees. Many car owners opt to wrap all exterior surfaces in Paint Protection Film to provide comprehensive protection. In fact, here are 6 reasons car owner’s choose to get a full wrap of Paint Protection Film. You can learn more about Clear Bra kits by visiting our Paint Protection Film Options page.

How do I Get to Exclusive Detail from SouthPark?

At Exclusive Detail, we are leading Paint Protection Film experts and installers for Charlotte and the surrounding area. Additionally, we are just around the corner for SouthPark residents. When coming from SouthPark, head west on Fairview Rd. Continue on Fairview when it turns into Tyvola. You will then turn right on Old Pineville Rd just after you pass South Blvd. Before you get to the light rail station and Woodlawn Rd, turn left onto Springbrook Rd. Then take your first right on Chastain Ave. We are located at 4913 Chastain Ave, Suite #32.

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